Our accommodation is perfectly completed with all the other services we offer. A cafeteria, a restaurant and take away service, in case you want to take a picnic to enjoy the surroundings. Environment of which, of course, we also want and must boast. We are located in the Plaza del Callao, in the Magdalena neighborhood.


Find in our store a variety of options batch gourmet, with exclusive products such as p - mast ecological and artichoke confit, bottle Extra virgin olive oil La Chinata "In Rama", almonds dipped in chocolate, etc., you can enjoy on any occasion. We have the best value for money.


We have a comfortable restaurant so that you can taste the wide range of dishes that we offer; Free-range eggs potato omelette, Galician veal croka to the point, homemade Russian salad, gourmet Iberian ham croquettes, veal cachopo with Iberian shoulder and Galician cheese, among others.


If you plan to eat burgers grilled cod fillet Iceland or any other suggestions from our restaurant without having to leave your home, the service t ake away is what you need. We have a dedicated area, open every day for lunch and dinner. We use bio packaging.


We are a hotel with several years of experience in the sector. We have a main premises consisting of a bar and restaurant (with capacity for 74 people) where you can come to have a drink or eat. Likewise, we have another place that functions as a restaurant with capacity for 44 people, as well as a room for events (from € 29, a shared menu) and a terrace


If you wish to make a reservation or request more information about our dishes or services that we provide, you can do so by phone call, by filling in the form that you will find in this section with your data or by going directly to the hotel facilities. We will be delighted to assist you!

Controls have been installed in all its accesses with the installation of automatic locks in all the doors of the two businesses:

  • All the doors of the rooms of the hostel, as well as the door of the laundry and the portal.
  • Access doors to the restaurant (main entrances, kitchen and warehouses)
On the other hand, and this time only on the floors that make up the Hostel (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Calle Pardo Bajo 28), we have proceeded to install air conditioning and air renewal systems in all our rooms and the community room. With this we have managed to guarantee optimal air quality.